Healthcare distribution and logistics

We are a reliable partner for healthcare workers, providers and producers of medical equipment. We belong to major companies on the market and are proud of being an entirely Czech company with exclusively Czech capital.

Our distribution is based on a strong sales team divided in 16 divisions according to specializations and consists of more than 70 experts – company representantives. Our sales representatives are always perfectly familiar with our products and know what’s going on in healthcare – they are equal partners for healthcare workers and help spreading new findings and know-how of leading producers worldwide.

We deliver goods to all places in Czech Republic within 24 or 48 hours. Clients can reach us by phone or online and when they are ordering products there are our call centre staff ready to help.

Logistics and distribution must be provided
with maintenance services, support and consulting

All devices supplied by our company are also provided with authorized maintenance services a spare parts right from the producers. Our technicians help with the choice, provide staff training and software support as well as connection to the information systems in the respective medical facility.


Promedica in figures

We are the biggest independent healthcare distributor in the Czech Republic


for all spheres of healthcare
More than


experts – company
More than




from Czech Republic and other countries


in our own
storage facilities


and vans


pallet spaces

Promedica on the Slovak market

Since 2017, Promedica subsidiaries have been on the Slovak healthcare market distributing also via Unique medical SK and Ultramed.

Our mission

We feel responsibility for healthcare workers and patients and that’s why our vision is to contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare level using modern materials, more convenient procedures and improving conditions of treatment. We choose our suppliers very carefuly in order to be able to provide a wide range of high-quality products for reasonable prices. There are new technologies and innovations we have been bringing to the Czech market. Our partners - producers and suppliers - can take the advantage of our modern logistics and distribution services being fast, precise and reliable.

Responsibility towards society

Being a responsible company, we act in the interest of our shareholders, employees and business partners. We strive to be transparent at all times and comply with all legal requirements. We also try to bring benefits everywhere we are.

Our educational and social programs support improved quality of life for all who need it. We honour the heritage of previous generations.

Who is supported by us:


    Civil association supporting Czechoslovak aviators and soldiers who were fighting against Nazism

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  • Voluntary centre Lékořice

    Program focused on improving conditions of inpatient care

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  • Lifelong education centre - institution for third age education

    Czech association of nurses - professional organization focused on education and preparation of healthcare workers

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Promedica institut

Our certificates and awards:

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Czech Stability Award 2016
Czech Stability Award 2017
Diplom Best Employer 2016
Diplom Best Employer 2017
Diplom Best Employer 2018
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ISO 90001 ENG