Healthcare distribution and logistics

  • Clinical experience with the RobOtol robotic operating system at the ENT Clinic at the Hradec Kr...

    23. 5. 2024

    During the first quarter of 2024, the RobOtol robotic operating system, developed by the French company Collin Medical, ...

  • 24th Beskydy Pharmacy Meeting

    16. 5. 2024

    Another event Diabetology Division was participating in was the 24th Beskydy Pharmacy Meeting organized by the Moravian-...

  • 60. Diabetology Days in Luhačovice

    13. 5. 2024

    The traditional and the largest diabetes congress in the Czech and Slovak Republic took place at the end of April in Luh...

  • Educational and motivational project for patients with type II diabetes

    7. 5. 2024

    The prevalence of diabetes, especially type 2, is increasing. Only an educated and motivated patient can change his/her ...

  • Our first cadaveric course in Prague!

    5. 4. 2024

    We are pleased to report on the first cadaveric course in Prague, organized by our Division of Orthopaedics - Arthroscop...

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Promedica belongs to major Czech companies in healthcare distribution and logistics. The company was established in 1991 and has always been a company with entirely Czech capital. We are a reliable partner of doctors, healthcare providers and suppliers in Czech Republic. Our vision is to help the healthcare workers provide better care for patients, bring inovation to healthcare and continuously improve standard and quality in this sector.

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Our distribution is divided in divisions covering the entire spectrum of healthcare. The objective of such organizational division structure is to secure high professionality and personal contact of our sales representatives in every part of the sector.

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