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Collin Medical – RobOtol

Introducing a unique robotic system for ENT surgery

This revolutionary robotic system designed by French company Collin Medical brings ENT surgery to a whole new level of precision, reliability and efficiency. RobOtol represents the cutting edge of technology, and Promedica is proud to be a partner of this specific unique system.

  • Robotically guided cochlear implantation: this system allows the use of 3 types of arms with either a passive or active instrument or an endoscope.
  • Arm with endoscope - See the depth with micro-cameras: With advanced micro-camera technology, RobOtol provides a superior view of the operating field. Surgeons are able to get a detailed image inside the ear and identify problems. This non-invasive approach minimizes damage to surrounding tissues, leading to faster healing and fewer complications.
  • RobOtol is equipped with an active instrument arm that allows surgeons to perform surgery with amazing precision. The remote control allows surgeons to precisely control the movement of the instrument with 5µm spatial accuracy and 0.3° angular accuracy, improving their ability to reach hard-to-reach areas inside the ear. With this technology, specialized surgeries become less tedious and patients return to normal life more quickly.
  • Alongside the active instrument, RobOtol has a passive instrument that supports the surgeon during operations. Its ergonomic design facilitates handling and minimizes surgeon fatigue, contributing to the overall success and safety of the operation.

Specialised operations for RobOtol

RobOtol is highly specialized in the following types of otological surgical procedures:

  • Introduction of trans-tympanic drains: with RobOtol, surgeons can easily and precisely introduce trans-tympanic drains to drain the middle ear, helping to resolve otitis problems and minimize the risk of recurrent infections.
  • Surgical management of otosclerosis (ossiculoplasties, stapedectomies): the RobOtol enables reconstruction of the auditory chain by gentle and precise placement of middle ear bone prostheses, which helps to restore hearing function and thus significantly improves the quality of life of patients.
  • Robotically navigated cochlear implant electrode insertion: thanks to its incredible precision and navigation capabilities, RobOtol facilitates cochlear implant electrode insertion for patients with severe to profound hearing impairment, allowing them to return to the world of sound.
  • Use of the endoscopes on the robotic arm in other middle ear surgery (e.g. tympanoplasty) and skull base surgery.

Enter a new era of ENT surgery with RobOtol!

This remote-controlled robotic system from Collin Medical delivers precision manipulation, superior visualization and perfection in performing specialized surgeries. Patients can expect fewer risks, faster recovery and results that exceed expectations. RobOtol – your reliable partner for the best otological care! Promedica is a proud partner of this revolutionary advancement in healthcare.

Planned actions

Collin Medical

Collin Medical’s mission is to contribute to the health and well-being of patients by delivering ENT medical technologies that meet public health requirements in terms of performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


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