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Interventional radiology and cardiology

We supply highly specialised products for the fields of interventional cardiology, radiology and heart surgery. We are the exclusive distributor for the portfolios of Abiomed, Jarvik and Angiodynamics for the Czech Republic. Our main and long-term partner for heart surgery and cardiology products is the innovative company Medtronic. We also provide specialist support in the form of clinical educational seminars and trainings, individual training of specialised workers at the above workplaces and also remote phone support.

The portfolio of our products includes Impella products from Abiomed for short-term mechanical heart support in left-sided and right-sided design. We also supply Jarvik products for long-term heart support. Additionally available are a whole range of specialized catheters, sets and systems for cardiology and heart surgery.

Product portfolio:


Products ensuring short-term mechanical cardiac support.

Impella owns system certification both by FDA and the CE Mark for the indication of cardiogenic shock, both after cardiac surgery procedure and after acute myocardial infarction, as well as facilitated coronary interventions. We offer both left-sided and right-sided short-term cardiac supports.

Performance of these supports starts, depending on the model, at 3.7 litres per minute and ends at more than 5 litres per minute, with the option of automatic or manual revolution control.

  • Impella CP, Impella 5.0, Impella RP


The products ensure long-term left-sided cardiac support and their use is indicated as Bridge to Transplant, Bridge to Recovery, or Destination Therapy. Jarvik cardiac support devices provide performance higher than 8 litres per minute and allow aortic valve flushing via gradually reduced rotation speed, which markedly reduces the risk of thrombosis.

Jarvik 2000:

  • JHI-001 type with postauricular cable that significantly reduces the risk of infection
  • JHI-002 type with abdominal cable


  • angiography catheters
  • micropuncture sets
  • thrombolytic catheters
  • haemodialysis catheters
  • venous ports and accessories
  • PICCs (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters)


We offer a broad product portfolio for coronary interventions in cardiology, angiology and heart surgery, and supply products used in heart surgery, heart valve replacement and extracorporeal circulation:

  • balloon dilatation catheters
  • coronary stents
  • diagnostic catheters
  • diagnostic and guide wires
  • aspiration catheters
  • stent grafts
  • transcatheter aortic valves with accessories
  • surgical aortic and mitral valves
  • tricuspid and mitral rings
  • bioprotheses for aortic root
  • embolic protection
  • mechanical stabilisers and heart positioners
  • cannulas
  • radiofrequency ablation systems
  • puncture sets
  • perfusion sets
  • oxygenators
  • extracorporeal circulation with accessories


Brožura Impella
Brožura Impella
Brožura Impella 2
Brožura Impella 2
Brožura Jarvik
Brožura Jarvik

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