Surgical Programme - Promedica

Surgical Programme

We supply a complete range of products for operating rooms in hospitals across the country in the departments of cardiac surgery, orthopaedics, central operation rooms, plastics, surgery, paediatric cardiac surgery, urology, cardiology and angiology.

We exclusively represent Ansell, Halyard, ASANUS and other companies on the Czech market. We supply products that surpass the competition in quality. The benefit lies in reducing the number of post-operative infections and significantly reducing the cost of complications associated with post-operative infections. We also offer convenient kits for specific surgical procedures.

Our division portfolio includes:

  • Ansell - latex and synthetic surgical gloves
  • Hallyard - drapes, surgical gowns, disposable caps, mouthpieces
  • ASANUS - premium surgical instruments, sieves and containers
  • Toffeln - surgical shoes
  • Fapomed - surgical clothing, surgical gowns, drapes
  • ZMC - surgical gowns, disposable caps, mouthpieces
  • OTM - disposable clothing, surgical hand brush and more
  • AMS - unique Integuseal microbial lock

How does the Integuseal microbial lock work?

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