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Wound care

We address ourselves to professional consultancy and educational activities in the treatment of non-healing wounds. We cooperate with hospital and non-hospital segments, specialist outpatient services, specialised centres and clinics, and home and hospice care. In wound care we are the exclusive distributor for Smith & Nephew for moist wound healing and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

We offer a wide range of products:

  • antimicrobial wound dressings
  • foam and silicon absorption wound dressings
  • gelling fibre dressing
  • alginates
  • dressings with coal
  • hydrocolloid protection
  • ointment modifying protease activity
  • cadexomer iodine
  • hydrogels
  • antiseptic and contact dressings
  • non-adhesive wound dressing
  • film dressing
  • incision foils
  • post surgery and fixation dressing, drain protection
  • wound closure
  • IV entry dressing
  • biosynthetic and silicon wound dressings
  • protective media for wound surroundings and skin protection
  • negative pressure wound therapy
  • hydro surgery

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