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ENT – Otorhinolaryngology

We specialise in surgical instruments, further in examination and diagnostic instruments and aids for post-surgery care. We distribute the products of Smith & Nephew, Euroclinic and JenaSurgical.

Our Smith & Nephew product portfolio includes an instrument using coblation plasma technology that is ideal for various kinds of ENT interventions. It is the most considerate and least invasive operating method in the field of otorhinolaryngology.

Our portfolio includes also:

Smith & Nephew

  • instrument using coblation plasma technology
  • balloon nose tamponades to stop bleeding
  • post-surgery nose tamponades


  • examination units
  • examination chairs
  • diagnostic instruments

Jena Surgical

  • CO2 lasers
  • diode lasers

List of workplaces where plasma coblation is performed:


Coblator II
Euroclinic katalog
QuadroStar diodový laser
SmartXide CO2
SmartXide2 CO2
Plazmové koblace
GEL KNIT Rapid Rhino Dressings
NASASTENT Surgical Technique
RAPID RHINO Epistaxis Solutions
RAPID RHINO Stammberger Sinu-foam

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