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Our products from Ascensia Diabetes Care help improve the quality of everyday life of people with diabetes. The company is one of the world leaders in blood glucose monitoring in the field of diabetology.

One example is the unique solution in the form of the smart CONTOUR™PLUS ONE glucometer with the capability to record the measured values automatically or in cooperation with a mobile phone app CONTOUR™Diabetes. The measured glycaemia level is transmitted via Bluetooth to the mobile phone and the app then shows easy-to-read and simple summary customised to individual user requirements. This makes it easier for the user to determine what affects his or her blood glucose level. On top of that, the free CONTOUR™Diabetes app enables sharing the results with physician before or during examination. The glucometer brings a good many other benefits such as high accuracy, possibility of repeated measurements and clearly arranged light indication for easy and immediate interpretation of results.

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Software GlucoContro which is compatible with CONTOUR PLUS meter is available to download here.

Product portfolio:

  • CONTOUR™PLUS test strips compatible with all above-stated glucometers
  • CONTOUR™Diabetes app for pairing with the CONTOUR™PLUS ONE glucometer
  • Microlet sampling pens
  • lancets for Microlet sampling pens
  • printed papers for clearly arranged measurement recording (patient's diary)

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Contour Plus One CZECH
Contour Plus One CZECH 2
Contour Plus One CZECH 3
CPO HCP Leave Piece
CPO HCP Leave Piece Mmo
Instalace Glucofact

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