We are modernizing the Promedica fleet!

In our Promedica fleet, we welcome the new Mercedes Benz Atego 1224L truck with an insulated box body with temperature recording. This time not expanding the fleet, but replacing its older version the Mercedes Benz 1223.

That´s why we are proud to announce that all thirty-six cars in the Promedica fleet meet the latest standards in the transport of temperature-controlled goods.

We received the HITACHI MEDICAL 2019 award!

We are pleased to announce that Promedica has received an award from Hitachi Medical for outstanding and extraordinary sales success in 2019 in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

We were awarded as one of the best distributors in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, whose turnover increased by 35% compared to 2018. Our focus on special fields such as gastroenterology, the use of intraoperative probes, organizing workshops for our customers and maintaining close relationships with key people in the field were particularly highlighted

With its top products, Hitachi ranks among the TOP 5 best world manufacturers of ultrasounds. Turnover from this segment makes up about 75% of the total sales plan of the Medical Technology Division. The expansion of Promedica abroad, specifically to Hungary and Finland, where we have acquired exclusive representation is also very closely related to Hitachi.

If we add up the turnover of all countries where we sell Hitachi, i.e. the Czech Republic,  Slovakia, Hungary and Finland, then Promedica is the third largest seller in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and we have thus become a key partner for Hitachi.

Medical Technology Division

Christmas Greetings

Dear Business Partners,

Let me personally thank you for your extraordinary cooperation in the crazy year of “covid”, 2020.

I personally saw an extraordinary year only in the years of recurring numbers. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong. This year has shown everyone that we still cannot command wind and rain; on the contrary, with the snap of a finger we will lose the standards that did not occur to us to question in 2019.

Let me thank you for choosing healthcare as your brunch of business.

Also I wish to thank to our customers, suppliers and employees for their incredible commitment in coping with the challenges to which we have all been suddenly exposed.

I wish everyone good health and a better year 2021.

Yours sincerely,


Pavel Hanuš

General Manager

Successful sale of three OPT operating tables for the Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital

This year, the Medical Technologies Division achieved significant business success with the sale of OPT operating tables to the Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital (one from the group of hospitals in the Central Bohemian Region).

The whole story began with the first successful installation in 2019. It was preceded by a week lasting demonstration of the table with the participation of an application specialist from the Italian manufacturer, OPT, under the leadership of our Sales Manager Mgr. Jiří Janda. This year, the division managed to repeat this success twice. The first installation took place on October 1, 2020 at the Orthopaedics Department. The second (and we believe not the last) one took place on Monday, November 23, 2020 at the Department of Surgery.

Klaudián Hospital in Mladá Boleslav thus becomes our first reference point with the installation of 3 OPT Vanto II system operating tables. It is interesting that the graphical interface of the remote control to the tables is in the Czech language for the first time. The delivery also included accessories for lower limb surgery, the so-called “Stirrups” from the American company SchureMed, with which we started cooperation this year.

We would like to thank the entire hospital team for their trust in our products and wish them many successful operations!

Team of the Medical Technology Division

Successful delivery of the new FUJIFILM mobile X-ray machine

On 27 November 2020, we were honored to present a new mobile X-ray device FUJIFILM FDR GO PLUS, including a mobile detector FDR D-EVO II with a special antibacterial surface, to the Radiodiagnostic Department of the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady.
The device has been purchased as part of measures against the spread of COVID-19 and the associated equipment retrofit needs. We believe that this state-of-the-art machine with an intuitive interface and practical design will benefit the staff in their work at the patient’s bedside.

Medical technologies division

Victory in Cannes

We have entered the prestigious competition of corporate films and media production (Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards) with our company video The Dance of Promedica. The competition takes place every year in Cannes.


We are pleased to announce that we have won the silver dolphin award.


On behalf of the marketing team, we would like to thank to our CEO Pavel Hanuš for the courage to present himself in a different way from the standard companies’ communication seen on our market.

The prize is a recognition of companies that want to present themselves in a modern way and we have proved once again that we belong among the top.

We competed in the main category Corporate Image Films  and this year’s winners are announced here.

We take this opportunity to thank to the production company „The Company“ for their great work.


World Diabetes Day 2020

It’s World Diabetes Day 2020 and this year’s official theme is Nurses Make the Difference. At Promedica and Ascensia, we understand the crucial role that Nurses play for people with Diabetes.

This year, we wanted to bring you inspiring stories about nurses from the voices of people living with diabetes. Watch the video below to hear how nurses have made a real difference in their lives and thank them for the help and support they have given.

Michal is from the Czech Republic and has type 1 diabetes. He is saying thank you to his nurse, Lenka, for the excellent work, perfect explanations and for passing on useful information about practical life with diabetes.

Like and share this story today to help us to celebrate the important role of the nurse in diabetes. And check out all of our inspiring stories at www.ascensia.com/wdd2020.



Promedica is expanding to other countries!

In 2017, we entered the neighbouring market through the acquisition. There are currently three companies operating under our group in Slovakia. This summer we managed to sign an exclusive contract with our supplier Hitachi for other countries as well. Based on that, we have expanded the scope of our operations anew also into the Finnish and Hungarian markets and two more subsidiaries are currently starting operations under the PROMEDICA PRAHA GROUP’s flag, namely Promedica Healthcare Hungary and Promedica Healthcare Finland. There is a great potential in Finland to enter the markets in further Nordic countries. In spite of the Covid restrictions, life goes on and we have a desire as well as power to shape further the PROMEDICA story.



XXIV. CSOT National Congress with international participation, Brno

From 13th to 15th September 2020, this time on an alternative date and under extraordinary epidemiological measures, XXIV. CSOT National Congress with international participation with an accompanying exhibition of medical technologies and pharmacy was held. The congress took place at the Best Western Premier Hotel International in Brno. The guarantor of the event was the Orthopaedics Clinic of the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University and the University Hospital in Brno, headed by the 1st Vice-Chairman of the CSOT and the President of the Congress, Professor MD. Martin Repek, Ph.D.

The event was attended by doctors and nurses from all over the Czech Republic and also from abroad. The congress was intended for orthopaedists, traumatologists, physiotherapists and nurses from all surgical disciplines, who work both in inpatient departments and also in the outpatient field. Despite various measures that had to be taken there was a considerable participation.

PROMEDICA PRAHA GROUP, a.s. presented there a complete portfolio of the Smith & Nephew manufacturer. The individual divisions at the stand created a background for doctors and nurses, who could see a strong representation of materials from joint replacements to materials for securing and sterile dressing of the postoperative wound. The entire course of the conference was accompanied by a friendly atmosphere not only at the congress venue, but also during a traditional dinner for paramedics provided by the Orthopaedics Division.

Orthopaedics Division

We are expanding our fleet!

We present you a completely new addition to our Promedica fleet. It is a Mercedes Benz Atego 1224L truck with an isolated extension with temperature recording.

Thus it becomes the 36th car of the Promedica fleet.