Declaration about the personal data processing required by the regulation of the European Parliament and European Council (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals in relation to the personal data processing and notification of the data subjects (hereinafter referred to as „GDPR“)

  1. Data controller

PROMEDICA PRAHA GROUP, a.s., Juárezova 17, Praha 6, business identification number (IČ): 25099019, tax number (DIČ): CZ25099019 (hereinafter referred to as „controller“) informs you herewith in accordance with the Article No. 12 of GDPR about processing of your personal data and about your rights related to that.

  1. Extent of data processing

Personal data are processed to such extent as they were provided to the controller by the respective data subject, which was done in connection with entering into a contractual or other legal relationship with the controller or collected by the controller in another way and have been processed in accordance with legal regulations or performance of obligations by the controller.

  1. Data sources

straight from the data subjects (e-mails, phone calls, chat, website, contact form on the website, social networks, business cards, etc.

registers, lists and records that are open to public (e.g. Commercial Register, Trade Register, Cadastre of Real Estate, public telephone directory, etc.)

  1. Categories of data that are subject of processing

address and identification data for unique and unmistekable identification of the data subject (e.g. name, surname, title, birth number, date of birth, place of residence, business identification number, tax number) as well as data enabling contact with the data subject (contact data, e.g. contact address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and other similar information)

description data (e.g. bank details)

other data necessary for performance of contractual obligations

data provided in addition to the respective regulations that have been processed after consent of the data subject (processing of photos, use of personal data for the purpose of HR management, etc.)

  1. Use of personal data

Personal data are always used in accordance with the reason of their collection or other legal requirements.

  1. Time of data processing

In accordance with the terms specified in the respective agreements, in the rules of documentation and retention or in the respective regulations, the time of data processing is the time necessary to comply with the rights and obligations arising from the obligatory relationship as well as from the respective regulations.

  1. Protecting security of data

The controller shall ensure security of personal data. Personal data are protected from unauthorized use, access or disclosure.

  1. Changes in the declaration on the principles of personal data protection

PROMEDICA PRAHA GROUP, a.s., Juárezova 17, Praha 6 IČ: 25099019, DIČ: CZ25099019 reserves the right to make an update of this declaration on the principles of personal data protection from time to time. Each revision will be provided with a date of the „last update“. 

  1. Contact

Should you have questions related to the personal data protection, please contact the  address below: