At the Ascensia meeting in Warsaw we were awarded for our success

7. 6. 2024

What have we achieved?

Promedica won a prestigious award for the most successful launch of the web application into clinical practice. The app has become a favourite among doctors and patients due to its innovative approach to diabetes management.

What is

The web app is a tool that allows doctors, patients and care partners to monitor blood glucose measurements.
Glucose meter data can be easily uploaded to cloud storage, making it easy to track and analyze.
Patients can also use the CONTOUR app on their smartphones to store data and keep an electronic diary.

Why is this important? helps doctors and patients better manage diabetes.
The high number of placements in clinics and among users is the result of the daily diligent work of representatives, good communication and the service PPG provides to users.

Presentations and workshops – there were also some interesting presentations at the meeting.

Symbiosis between technology and medicine: How modern apps can support and streamline diabetes treatment.
Strategy for 2024: Plans and goals for the future.
The power of the GCO: How online can transform patient care.

We look forward to more successes and innovations!

The Diabetology division