59. Diabetology Days in Luhačovice

15. 5. 2023

59. Diabetology Days in Luhačovice took place from 26th to 29th April in the Elektra Cultural Centre and the Social House of Luhačovice Spa, a.s.

It is the largest educational event in the Diabetology field, which was organized together with the Czech Diabetological Society ČLS J.E.Purkyně and the partner Slovak Diabetological Society. This year’s event attracted almost 1400 participants.

The main programme was opened on 27 April at 8.30 a.m. with a festive jingle composed by the founder of these days, MUDr. Jindřich Šimurda.

Since Wednesday afternoon of 26 April, symposia supported by the general sponsors were held at the two venues. It is worth mentioning a very interesting historical part of the symposium, on the 100th anniversary of the beginning of industrial production of insulin in Europe (Kingdom of Denmark 1923).

In addition to the main scientific programme, the individual sections of the Czech Diabetes Society had their blocks. In the past, the technology section has mainly dealt with continuous glycaemic monitoring, insulin dosing using closed hybrid loops, exchange of experiences with these technologies in their patients and new developments in this field. This year, for the first time, the experience gained by examining the ocular background for diabetic retinopathy by a diabetologist using fundus camera imaging was presented. The clinical evaluation of the images thus taken is then entrusted to software (artificial intelligence). Professor Martin Prázný, President of the Czech Diabetological Society, presented in a lecture entitled “Screening for diabetic retinopathy using the Aireen artificial intelligence medical device provides safe identification of patients suitable for examination by ophthalmologists”, the results of which showed reliability for clinical decision making by a diabetologist in an outpatient clinic, during a regular patient check-up. During this examination, the patient does not need to undergo eye drilling, so that the preventive examination is quick, and does not restrict the patient in the following time.

In addition to our traditional range of top-of-the-range Contour Plus Elite and ONE glucose meters, and the system for tracking results from the meters using the Contour Diabetes app on smartphones, with a link to the Gluco Contro Online web app, it was the Aireen technology that was showcased on our stand. In addition to presenting this system, we also used electronic questionnaires, which were filled in by interested parties, to find out the possibilities of acquiring the technology in the practice of individual diabetes clinics.

Traditionally, the interest of diabetologists in technologies, especially new ones, is great, so the stands presenting technologies, including ours, were quite busy throughout the congress.

We are glad that our company is an important visible and recognized partner of doctors, nurses and patients in the treatment of the most widespread disease such as diabetes mellitus.

Division of Diabetology