A meeting of experts on child burns

24. 6. 2019

For the first time in the history of the Burn Medicine Clinic (KPM FNKV), an international professional event focused on the treatment of burns, resp. burn children was held. The Prague Crossroads area, where the event took place from May 21st to May 24th, 2019, symbolized not only the historical and cultural centre of the capital, but also the place where the paths of education and progress are crossing.
MUDr. Robert Zajíček, PhD., Head of KPM FNKV acted as the event moderator.

ECPB (European Club for Paediatric Burns) is an international community of experts in the treatment of paediatric burns with a 20-year tradition. As a non-profit organization, ECPB has set itself the main task of combining different expertise in the treatment of paediatric burn worldwide. The main topics of this year’s European Burn Club Workshop (ECPB 2019) were modern technologies, i.e. lasers, artificial skin, nanofibers, and simulations of mass accident disaster associated with high numbers of burned children. The workshop also included the presentation of KPM FNKV work in the non-profit sector within the Bolíto (Ithurts)association. ECPB 2019 was an ideal opportunity to establish contacts and deepen the collaboration that KPM FNKV has developed with, e.g. the University of Zurich or Schriners Hospital in Galveston, USA.

Very interesting personalities from all over the world have been lured to Prague. Dr. Habib Quasimwas undoubtedly an important guest. He established the Children’s Burns Department in Kabul and was awarded the prestigious Zora Janžekovič prize in 2018. We had the pleasure to speak with him at Promedica’s stand and exchange some precious knowledge and experience regarding Smith & Nephew materials.

We had opportunity to communicate with many experts and familiarize ourselves with the procedures at various workplaces within the Czech Republic. The Wound Care Division was at the stand reinforced by Stefanie Ascher BScN, Clinical Application Specialist, who launched there the Moleculight imaging device. Another most frequently mentioned Smith & Nephew product was BIOBRINE (temporary skin replacement). Biobrine has also been mentioned in many professional lectures that we could follow.

It was a very strong and meaningful conference. Thank you for your invitation and we appreciate that we were able to participate in this high-grade event.

Wound care Division