Educational and motivational project for patients with type II diabetes

7. 5. 2024

The prevalence of diabetes, especially type 2, is increasing. Only an educated and motivated patient can change his/her attitude towards his/her health so that his/her normal lifestyle does not create the conditions for the development of complications that may occur after some time. All this is due to a misunderstanding of the principle of the disease, the risk and other factors. Doing nothing is not the solution in diabetes. The basis of everything, is to know and manage self-monitoring of glycemia. This is the measurement of capillary blood sugar using strips and a glucometer, which is absolutely available today. A simple, effective, minimally invasive and yet underestimated method by many doctors, which should be adopted by everyone at the beginning of the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, and even better at the first suspicion of the manifestation of the disease, during the so-called PREDIABETES period.

The Division of Diabetes collaborates and supports activities to achieve the goal of equipping everyone who needs it with knowledge about self-monitoring, the availability of strips and glucometers. So that patients with diabetes perform self-monitoring correctly, know how to use the innovative functionalities of the glucometer, share data with their physician and participate in their own treatment.

One of the projects in which the Division of Diabetology regularly participates is the project mentioned at the beginning, which took place in Luhačovice in mid-April this year. For a better idea, we offer to watch a short video report below.

Division of Diabetology