24. 5. 2024

World Hand Hygiene Day is marked every year on 5 May and is accompanied by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Save a life – wash your hands” campaign, which highlights the importance of handwashing as a crucial preventive measure against the transmission of many infectious diseases.

Throughout the month of May, various events are being held in hospitals across the country to commemorate this important day. Our Disinfection and Sterilization Division is part of these “Hand Hygiene” days.

The aim of these events is to draw attention to proper hand washing and disinfection techniques, both through active lectures and product presentations, both from our own and cooperating suppliers such as Ecolab, Schulke and Hartmann. Those who arrived could already check how effective their hand disinfection was at the stand using disinfectants and UV lamps. Hand hygiene is extremely important, especially for employees of healthcare facilities, but also for visiting patients. Dozens of people from the staff and visitors to hospitals in all regions where Promedica is the leader have already come to disinfect their hands.

Disinfection and Sterilization Division