Healthcare professionals wellbeing III.

3. 12. 2019

On November 21, 2019 PROMEDICA INSTITUT s.r.o. in cooperation with the Consumable Medical Supplies Division of the PROMEDICA PRAHA GROUP, a.s., organised in the Hotel D1 the 3rd run of the seminar wellbeing for healthcare professionals „Care brings results“ with the topics: interpersonal relationships and “conscious food”.

The lecturer program was prepared and led by Ing. Romana Tichá. Interactive lectures (about how relationships are formed, how they develop, get to know yourself, work with emotions, productive relationships in the workplace, conscious food – how and with whom to eat, how food affects us and what we actually solve with the food) were in the afternoon replaced by the workshop in Flower binding.

The seminar was included in the lifelong education of non-medical healthcare staff.

We were very pleased with the abundant participation and the immediate positive response from the participants of the seminar.