Liblice 2022 Advent Seminar

30. 11. 2022

A symposium focused on laboratory medicine (especially clinical biochemistry) took place in the picturesque setting of the pre-Christmas Liblice Chateau near Mělník at the end of November . The conference was sponsored by the Czech Society of Clinical Biochemistry and the main organizer was Ing. Luděk Šprongl, Head of the Clinical Laboratory Department of the Kladno Regional Hospital.

Twelve lectures were given at the conference. New diagnostic markers were presented, such as the new tumour marker PIVKA II. Professor Jabor from IKEM Prague spoke about it in his lecture and focused on its importance, verification of basic characteristics and use in clinical practice. From the varied programme we could also mention an interesting presentation from the field of substance abuse investigation, which was given by Associate Professor Ondra from the University Hospital Olomouc. There were also lectures with modern topics, such as the importance of complex lipid analysis in inflammatory conditions by Associate Professor Friedecký, also from the UHO, or the Director of the Central Laboratories of the České Budějovice Hospital, MUDr. Verner, entitled Measurement of metabolic profiles in patients with COVID-19 treated in the ICU. The seminar was very diverse and in our opinion was also very educational.

The seminar also featured top commercial companies in the exhibition area, especially in the field of clinical biochemistry and laboratory diagnostics.

The two-day symposium on laboratory medicine was held as usual in a beautiful setting with a very pleasant touch of the approaching Christmas.

Diagnostics Division