New MMDx technology at IKEM

2. 11. 2022

On Wednesday 12 October 2022, a special seminar was held to introduce the new technology of the so-called MMDx molecular microscope. The seminar was opened by the director of IKEM Ing. Michal Stiborek, MBA. After the welcome, the Deputy Director, Professor Jiří Malý, M.D., Ph. D., who introduced the team of colleagues responsible for the introduction of this breakthrough technology into clinical practice.

The technology itself, based on the analysis of thousands of mRNA molecules and subsequent comparison of the result with thousands of reference samples, was presented by the Head of the Transplantation Centre, Professor Ondřej Viklický, M.D., Csc.

A detailed description of the method, which significantly helps with early detection of rejection of the transplanted organ (kidney, heart, later liver and lung) was presented by Mgr. Petra Hrubá, Ph. D.

This seminar was a demonstration of an absolutely unique combination of scientific research with its practical application. Professor Viklicky’s team grasped a scientific method known for several years and applied it to clinical practice. As a result, the patient’s reaction to the transplanted organ is better distinguished and the medication is significantly better adjusted or cancelled, which results in a significant improvement in patient comfort and savings in hospitalisation and treatment.

The seminar was attended by representatives of all transplant centres from the Czech and Slovak Republics. After the presentations, these representatives took away the so-called starter kit with the kit needed for the collection of patient samples. Almost immediately after the presentation of this method, they can use the services of Ikem and have their samples analysed, thus refining and cheapening their current diagnosis and subsequent treatment. It should be mentioned that the method is already established, approved in the tariff of procedures of the General Health Insurance Fund and therefore fully reimbursed.

IKEM is the 3rd in the world and the 1st in Europe (after the USA and Canada) to perform this unique testing method. We are happy that Promedica has once again proven its quality and helped IKEM to put this extraordinary technology into clinical practice.

Medical Technologies Division

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