Promedica has robots! Surgical robots from CMR!

26. 8. 2021

The surgical robot is undoubtedly one of the latest medical technologies of the 21st century.

We are pleased to announce the countersignature of an exclusive distribution agreement with the European CMR consortium, a manufacturer of the VERSIUS surgical robot. There are only a few manufacturers in the world that produce robots certified for surgery. And we have exclusivity for 3 European markets: the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary!


Why is a robot so interesting for surgery?

  • The procedure is performed laparoscopically – this means lower risk for the patient (lower risk of infection, faster recovery).
  • The robotic arms and their control go beyond human possibilities (the surgeon can rotate the instrument 360 °, can perform procedures at unusual angles and positions, and with the help of a camera with lighting and suction, the surgeon has a perfect range of vision).
  • The whole system is open to various types of procedures. Every specialist can adapt it to his or her field. He/ she can even design their own instrument or create a special surgical procedure.


Link to the manufacturer’s website: