Trends in personnel protection at operating theatres and in sterilization

14. 6. 2019

On May 23, 2019, PROMEDICA INSTITUT s.r.o. in cooperation with the Disinfection and Sterilization and the Surgical Program Divisions of Promedica organized an expert seminar on trends in personnel protection at operating theatres and sterilization in the friendly Hotel Golf in Prague. The lectures were devoted to a wide range of topics and dealt with a number of problems encountered in operating theatres and sterilisations. Foreign lecturers gave lectures mainly on different methods in sterilization (containers vs. soft packaging), new materials (SMS materials) and new concepts while ensuring higher hygiene standards in operating theatres. A large part of the lectures focused on the appropriate use of gloves as PPE and their suitable selection. The lecture on personnel safety from the point of view of the constitutional hygienist was also very inspiring. At the end of all lectures the participants had the opportunity to raise questions and comments. The discussions were very lively and the participants exchanged their own views among themselves.

All questioned participants praised both the content of the seminar and the organization of the event as such. The seminar was attended by 48 experts of various specialties. The event was included in the lifelong education of non-medical healthcare workers by the Czech Nurses Association.

There were 8 lectures given by 7 speakers. Five lectures were presented in English by the representatives of Halyard, Ansell and Ecolab companies.