New partnership with 2cureX

We are proud to announce that we have become the exclusive distributor of 2cureX for Czechia and Slovakia.

2cureX is a leader in the field of cancer drug susceptibility testing and has developed the IndiTreat® (individual treatment) range of tests. IndiTreat® is based on a sample of the patient’s tumor, generates thousands of 3D replicas (tumorroids) and predicts the tumor’s response to various available drugs, providing valuable information to the physician for treatment decisions.

“The addition of IndiTreat® to our diagnostic and pharmaceutical product offerings provides our sales team with another very powerful and innovative solution for patients and their physicians. As a market leader, it is important for us to continuously offer cutting-edge healthcare solutions,” said Hanus Pavel, CEO of Promedica.

We look forward to a fruitful cooperation!

PF 2022

Dear Business Partners,

I take this opportunity to wish you on behalf of the whole Promedica company peace, joy and prosperity as you embark on 2022.

We would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Pavel Hanuš




D&B Top Rating Certificate 2021!

We proudly announce that our company has received the D&B Top Rating Certificate 2021!

This certificate appreciates the stability, solvency and credibility of our company. Just as confirmes minimum level of risk for both suppliers and customers when trading with Promedica.


Winning this certificate is a credit to our partners and the whole company’s team.

Thank you!

Promedica has robots! Surgical robots from CMR!

The surgical robot is undoubtedly one of the latest medical technologies of the 21st century.

We are pleased to announce the countersignature of an exclusive distribution agreement with the European CMR consortium, a manufacturer of the VERSIUS surgical robot. There are only a few manufacturers in the world that produce robots certified for surgery. And we have exclusivity for 3 European markets: the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary!


Why is a robot so interesting for surgery?

  • The procedure is performed laparoscopically – this means lower risk for the patient (lower risk of infection, faster recovery).
  • The robotic arms and their control go beyond human possibilities (the surgeon can rotate the instrument 360 °, can perform procedures at unusual angles and positions, and with the help of a camera with lighting and suction, the surgeon has a perfect range of vision).
  • The whole system is open to various types of procedures. Every specialist can adapt it to his or her field. He/ she can even design their own instrument or create a special surgical procedure.


Link to the manufacturer’s website:

Help for South Moravia

We are very sorry about the situation people in South Moravia now have to deal with. It is very nice, however, to see how quickly people in our country can come together and help. At Promedica we would also like to help financially through the non-governmental non-profit organization People in Need           (Člověk v tísni) in the amount of CZK 300,000.

We think of everyone affected by the tornado. To the families of the victims, to the members of the rescue services and to all the volunteers who are providing their forces these days. We wish everyone a lot of strength. Brace yourself.

Anyone who would like to contribute to the fundraiser of People in Need #SOSMorava can do so HERE.


We proudly announce that our company has once again received the highest possible award – CZECH Stability Award AAA!

This prestigious award reflects the current status, financial situation including prediction of future risks. It provides an independent view of financial and non-financial value of the company and confirms the reliability, credibility and the minimal risk in collaboration with an award-winning company.

Winning the certificate is a credit to our partners and the whole company’s team.

We are modernizing the Promedica fleet!

In our Promedica fleet, we welcome the new Mercedes Benz Atego 1224L truck with an insulated box body with temperature recording. This time not expanding the fleet, but replacing its older version the Mercedes Benz 1223.

That´s why we are proud to announce that all thirty-six cars in the Promedica fleet meet the latest standards in the transport of temperature-controlled goods.

We received the HITACHI MEDICAL 2019 award!

We are pleased to announce that Promedica has received an award from Hitachi Medical for outstanding and extraordinary sales success in 2019 in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

We were awarded as one of the best distributors in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, whose turnover increased by 35% compared to 2018. Our focus on special fields such as gastroenterology, the use of intraoperative probes, organizing workshops for our customers and maintaining close relationships with key people in the field were particularly highlighted

With its top products, Hitachi ranks among the TOP 5 best world manufacturers of ultrasounds. Turnover from this segment makes up about 75% of the total sales plan of the Medical Technology Division. The expansion of Promedica abroad, specifically to Hungary and Finland, where we have acquired exclusive representation is also very closely related to Hitachi.

If we add up the turnover of all countries where we sell Hitachi, i.e. the Czech Republic,  Slovakia, Hungary and Finland, then Promedica is the third largest seller in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and we have thus become a key partner for Hitachi.

Medical Technology Division

Christmas Greetings

Dear Business Partners,

Let me personally thank you for your extraordinary cooperation in the crazy year of “covid”, 2020.

I personally saw an extraordinary year only in the years of recurring numbers. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong. This year has shown everyone that we still cannot command wind and rain; on the contrary, with the snap of a finger we will lose the standards that did not occur to us to question in 2019.

Let me thank you for choosing healthcare as your brunch of business.

Also I wish to thank to our customers, suppliers and employees for their incredible commitment in coping with the challenges to which we have all been suddenly exposed.

I wish everyone good health and a better year 2021.

Yours sincerely,


Pavel Hanuš

General Manager

Successful sale of three OPT operating tables for the Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital

This year, the Medical Technologies Division achieved significant business success with the sale of OPT operating tables to the Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital (one from the group of hospitals in the Central Bohemian Region).

The whole story began with the first successful installation in 2019. It was preceded by a week lasting demonstration of the table with the participation of an application specialist from the Italian manufacturer, OPT, under the leadership of our Sales Manager Mgr. Jiří Janda. This year, the division managed to repeat this success twice. The first installation took place on October 1, 2020 at the Orthopaedics Department. The second (and we believe not the last) one took place on Monday, November 23, 2020 at the Department of Surgery.

Klaudián Hospital in Mladá Boleslav thus becomes our first reference point with the installation of 3 OPT Vanto II system operating tables. It is interesting that the graphical interface of the remote control to the tables is in the Czech language for the first time. The delivery also included accessories for lower limb surgery, the so-called “Stirrups” from the American company SchureMed, with which we started cooperation this year.

We would like to thank the entire hospital team for their trust in our products and wish them many successful operations!

Team of the Medical Technology Division