We are expanding our fleet!

We present you a completely new addition to our Promedica fleet. It is a Mercedes Benz Atego 1224L truck with an isolated extension with temperature recording.

Thus it becomes the 36th car of the Promedica fleet.

Another successful installation – a new sciascopic-sciagraphic device in the Vsetín Hospital

We have the pleasure to inform you that our Medical Technology Division has completed the installation of a sciascopic-skiagraphic device at the Radio diagnostic department at the Vsetín Hospital.

This unique reclining wall- Opera SWING from the Italian manufacturer General Medical Merate S.P.A. is so versatile that it can serve both for sciascopic and sciagraphic examinations. Apart from other unique features this device excels in its special design and great variability of fully automatic movements.

We believe that the device will serve well to both the patients and the staff and thus contribute to the smooth running of the whole department.


Medical Technology Division


We proudly announce that our company has once again received the highest possible award – CZECH Stability Award AAA!

This prestigious award reflects the current status, financial situation including prediction of future risks. It provides an independent view of financial and non-financial value of the company and confirms the reliability, credibility and the minimal risk in collaboration with an award-winning company.

Winning the certificate is a credit to our partners and the whole company’s team.



On November 28, 2019 the fourth conference of perioperative nurses including workshops took place in the Central Military Hospital in Prague.

The Surgical Programme Division had the opportunity to present latest innovations in the market with regards to Ansell surgical gloves.

There were altogether six presentations held on this topic, led by Bc. Jindřich Zoul, who was able to attract the audience even in the late afternoon. Presentations were focused on the gloves with AMT technology, Moisturizing and Glove in Glove. The presentation was attended by nurses from all corners of the Czech Republic and the Surgical Programme Division thus had the opportunity to address a large number of customers during one afternoon.

We are extremely pleased with the fact that the introduction of Ansell products enabled us to lay new foundation stones for cooperation in other hospitals.

Surgical Programme Division

23rd Congress of Hospital Pharmacists

This year’s, already 23rd Congress of Hospital Pharmacists took place on November 15 – 17, 2019 in Olomouc, at the Clarion Congress Hotel.

The congress was organized jointly by the Department of Hospital Pharmacists of the Czech Pharmaceutical Society in cooperation with the Section of Pharmaceutical Assistants at the Czech Nurses Association.

The congress was held under the auspices of the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic, Mgr. Adam Vojtěch, who also personally attended the event.


Congress motto: We help patients to understand.


The main theme of this year’s congress was the treatment of lung diseases (asthma, COPD, lung cancer). The congress traditionally included workshops of clinical and oncology pharmacy, presentations and an integral part was also company presentations in the form of satellite symposia.


PROMEDICA PRAHA GROUP, a.s.  was one of the exhibitors at this congress represented by the Pharma Division, for which this occasion is one of the most important events of the year.

Over 600 registered hospital pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants visited this year’s run. The congress brought to the participants a lot of new information, shared experience and challenges that will help all experts in hospital pharmacies in their daily work.

Our cooperation is very positively perceived.

We have strengthened our long-standing relationships, which we can use in further cooperation in new areas.


Pharma Division

Healthcare professionals wellbeing III.

On November 21, 2019 PROMEDICA INSTITUT s.r.o. in cooperation with the Consumable Medical Supplies Division of the PROMEDICA PRAHA GROUP, a.s., organised in the Hotel D1 the 3rd run of the seminar wellbeing for healthcare professionals „Care brings results“ with the topics: interpersonal relationships and “conscious food”.

The lecturer program was prepared and led by Ing. Romana Tichá. Interactive lectures (about how relationships are formed, how they develop, get to know yourself, work with emotions, productive relationships in the workplace, conscious food – how and with whom to eat, how food affects us and what we actually solve with the food) were in the afternoon replaced by the workshop in Flower binding.

The seminar was included in the lifelong education of non-medical healthcare staff.

We were very pleased with the abundant participation and the immediate positive response from the participants of the seminar.

International summit EACTS

From 7th to 9th November 2019 our division participated in the international summit organized by the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, focused on mechanical heart support. This important summit took place for the first time in the Czech Republic and was held at the Hilton Old Town Hotel in Prague.

Our division presented short-term micro axillary intracardiac catheter cardiac support Impella in versions 5.0, CP and RP, as well as long-term mechanical cardiac support – JARVIK 2000.

In cooperation with JARVIK, the heart support manufacturer, we also introduced the unique concept of wireless recharge of long-term mechanical heart support JARVIK 2000, the only one in the world presented by JARVIK in cooperation with Leviticus.

It is a fully implantable mechanical heart support, which has its own battery implanted in the patient’s body and is recharged wirelessly using a “special vest – belt” that the patient will wear when needed. Once the battery is charged, the patient no longer needs to carry any components other than the watch that monitors the battery and cardiac support status.

During the summit there were also several meetings held, namely with Abiomed and JARVIK.

This international summit was a great success and the products we exhibited were of great interest to doctors as well as to representatives of various companies.


Division of Intervention Radiology and Cardiology


In the days from 31st October to 2nd November 2019 the Congress of Czech Society for Hand Surgery took place in the campus of the University of J.E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem. The conference was devoted to the presentation of the results of clinical and scientific work of leading domestic as well as foreign experts.

Promedica attended the conference as an exhibitor and our Surgery Program Division had the opportunity to present latest surgical gloves innovations. The representative of Ansell – Sebastian Piatek also came to support us at the stand.

The division focused its presentation on special gloves with AMT technology, Gamex Latex Glove-in-Glove and Gamex Latex Moisturizing gloves.

Surgical Programme Division

XV. International Congress STERIL

On 22 – 23 October 2019, as every year, the XV. International Congress STERIL took place. The event was held under the auspices of the Governor of the South Moravian Region, the Director of the University Hospital Brno, the Head Nurse of the Czech Republic and the Director of the Department of Nursing and Non-Medical Professions of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. This traditional educational and social event is organized by the Czech Society for Sterilization. The Department of Central Sterilization of the University Hospital Brno also participates in its organization and program every year.


This year’s event was attended by 217 duly registered participants from all over the Czech Republic, Poland, Colombia and Slovakia. Up to 40 of the 48 contractual partners of the Czech Society for Sterilization presented themselves in the congress centre. Our Disinfection and Sterilization Division introduced a range of selected products and services. Our team, among other things, also serves as a consultancy provider in the field of hygiene in hospital environment.

Our qualities were fully perceived by the professional public, as evidenced by the stand constantly full of debating visitors.


We are already looking forward to the next year run.


Disinfection and Sterilization Division

65th Annual Conference of the Czech Urological Society ČLS JEP

In the days from 16th to 18th October 2019, the 65th annual conference of the Czech Urology Society of CLS JEP was held at the Clarion Hotel in Prague Vysočany, attended by urology doctors from the entire Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries of the world. The conference returned to the Czech capital after eight years.


Medical Technologies Division

This time, our Medical Technologies division participated with the aim to present ultrasound devices in conjunction with special surgery probes from Hitachi’s portfolio to the doctors. Furthermore, we have presented the option of displaying individual sonographic examinations by the current very progressive elastography method.  At our stand we introduced and at the same time with the help of special phantoms practically demonstrated the Arietta 70 and Highend Arietta 850 device in conjunction with the above-mentioned surgery probes. A great interest in these devices has been shown.

Porges Division

The aim of the Porges division was to acquaint the physician with an innovation for laparoscopic surgery Elefant (single suction / rinse) and its use in practice. Next we introduced our third generation – ReTrace (ureteral access sheaths) to our clients. An integral part of the congress are also various lectures and seminars, where we traditionally learn the latest news of modern medicine in the urology field.


The annual conference also has its social part, this time it was held in one of the most important architectural gems of the Czech Republic, namely in the neo-Renaissance Žofín Palace.
By participation in this congress we have not only strengthened our relationships with the existing clients, but at the same time we have also expanded the circle of our potential clients in the field of urology.